The Haven Story

The launch of Haven Pharmacy was a dynamic and very significant milestone in the growth of the IndePharm Co-Operative Group – and in the Irish pharmacy landscape. A fundamental part of why we’ve been successful in the past and why we will continue to be so in the future is down to two very simple but critically important factors: our unique culture and our unique business model. At IndePharm, culture and strategy are complementary and essential bedfellows – each driving and motivating the other.

All our members love their work. Each of us is a full time community pharmacist embedded in our local community with its own local differences, local culture and local needs. Every single one of our members has a vote on how we grow as a business. They all have a voice, they all get to use it and everyone gets heard. Many of the initiatives that are run and the services offered exist because they’ve been implemented successfully by other members or are in direct response to market changes or analysis – identified by our members.

Haven Pharmacy has been created, shaped and managed by every single one of our members and it will grow and flourish because of every single one of our members. As our membership grows so too will our business, our breadth of thinking, our expertise and what we offer the ever changing pharmacy consumer. Haven pharmacists are shaping the way forward for the independent, community pharmacist in Ireland and will continue to actively improve the health and well being of their communities.