Member FAQ’s

1. Our independence – Our members are local, independent, community pharmacists whose prime objective is to stay local and stay independent – and continue to serve the community many of us have been serving – for generations. Haven Pharmacy is a national brand – with local appeal

2. Our buying power delivers value, choice – and higher margins. We have a centralised buying structure, Market leading commercial deals, No restrictions on wholesaler, Transparency on all deals

3. Our structure is unique – and transparent. We are a Not for profit group, One member – one vote – one vision, 12 member board elected by all members, Quarterly meetings and AGM, Audited accounts with total member access and visibility

4. Our merchandising is tailored to suit all pharmacy formats. We have bespoke Haven point of sale material, Category management guidelines and planograms

5. Our staff work together to deliver the same vision. There is Regular communication between all 400 staff and 150 pharmacists, Buddy pairing/mentoring between new and existing member, Internal channels, meetings to facilitate on-going contact and shared learnings

6. Our marketing is driven locally – and recognised nationally. There are On-going Haven Hot Spots and Haven Top Five value offers, Local marketing and PR toolkit to allow for local focus, Haven Pharmacy national website and personalised local member sites, Active Facebook and social media presence

7. Our training makes us better pharmacists – and better retailers. We conduct regular training on: health screenings, asthma, vaccination, testing, OTC medicines, Regular category management consultation and audits, Customer service training for all staff

8. Our knowledge is drawn from regular market analysis and member expertise. We offer Regular sales data analysis and customer audits, Customer audits and patient intervention research, Customised Haven Pharmacy patient information leaflets, Member blog and online forum for sharing knowledge, advice

9. Haven Pharmacy is a national brand – with local appeal. Vibrant, distinctive & recognised brand: created and shaped by each member, Brand guidelines for consistency and local flexibility, Refresh model with refit options, National brand delivering genuine value, expert care – locally

10. Our like-minded members. 54 pharmacies, 39 members and growing. Over 400 staff and 150 pharmacists – In cities, towns and villages all over Ireland, Professional, expert, like-minded, innovative – with the same shared vision

If you join as a Full Member of the Co-Op, you must rebrand within 12 months. If you join as an Associate member, after 12 months you can make a decision to continue as a full member and rebrand or discuss extending the Associate Membership with the Board. The term of the Associate Membership is fixed at 12 months unless extended by mutual consent.

Both Haven and the Member name are displayed on the fascia.

Indepharm is the only pharmacy group not aligned with any single wholesaler. Members can continue to trade with their preferred wholesaler

No. Members can deal with any suppliers they wish. Indepharm will have preferential terms with specific suppliers which it encourages Members to use, but Members can trade with all suppliers they currently trade with

The only restrictions are in terms of branding. Indepharm will office advice on shop layouts and refits/refresh but Members control what shelving/lighting/flooring they use, the layout etc.

This information is confidential but Indepharm can offer significantly better terms than then terms an individual pharmacy would achieve. We would be happy to discuss this with you.