Our Values

Haven as a concept is the reflection of the values held by our Members and their behaviours and actions in carrying on their business.



Leadership of the community pharmacy sector in Ireland, as well as enabling and supporting our Members to show leadership in their own communities. Within the Co-operative encouraging Members to step up in volunteering to give of their skills in participating in the Board or Committees, or of taking community initiatives to support the Haven Brand. For staff in IndePharm, this value may be expressed through identifying ways in which they can initiate or impact both local and national initiatives having real consequences in improving the lives of the communities we serve.



The expert care given by Members in their local communities is supported by the culture of ‘Service’ which we wish to develop within IndePharm. Fundamental to the Care we deliver is the Respect, which we give to each and every individual inside and outside the organisation. Just as the Member knows their Patients, their Families and their Communities we must know our Members and their requirements individually. We must avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach in order to create a focus towards our Members, their Staff and their local offering to their local markets.



As a co-operative we are first and foremost a community of Members. But we are also a community within the IndePharm team (Board, Management and Staff). Communities are made up of individuals; but in coming together those individuals must inevitably accept both rights and responsibilities. IndePharm will be transparent and accountable to its Members in supporting their commercial activities and, as far as possible, protecting their rights and desires to carry on practice as Independent Pharmacists. In turn IndePharm will expect the support, commitment and co-operation of all of its Members in pursuing the best outcomes for the common good.



Trust is the bedrock upon which co-operatives are formed as well as the foundation of the Patient – Pharmacistrelationship. IndePharm will endeavour to put Trusting relationships at the heart of its activities and behaviours. With all stakeholders, including Members (and their staff, patients and customers), Suppliers, Employees, Civic Authorities and Financial Institutions, preeminence will be given to building and maintaining long term trusting partnerships rather than casual alliances for short-term benefit.


Commercial excellence

Without commercial success there will be no future for Independent Pharmacy in Ireland. Our Members’ customers and patients require value-for-money and it is our role to help our Members in clearly providing value propositions for products and services. IndePharm will create a range of professional business supports and commercial agreements, which enable our Members to achieve a sustainable superior business margin whilst being the best healthcare professionals they can be. IndePharm will support its Members commercial aspirations through the Haven brand, which will behave nationally but deliver locally for all its Members. IndePharm is ‘not-for-profit’ in aspiration although it must make profit in order to invest in long-term capability and capacity to serve its Members for the future. Therefore, IndePharm commits to re-invest any profits not distributed, to further the long term sustainability and support of its Members.